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THE WOEM Awards, Love Meets Fashion and R&B

National Black Theater

2031 5th Ave, New York, NY 10035

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Event Description

THE WOEM AWARDS Consist of AWARDS, FASHION SHOW & R&B ! Honoring Women of All WALKS. Women who have Achieve and women who will Achieve greatness! THE WOEM is about Encouragement For our Women!

This Event includes:

Dinner plate is Included at this Event
Fashion Show
R&B performance
Award Ceremony
Celebrity Appearance 


About the Company:

The WOEM & Harlemvetz Entertainment & Management, LLC goal is to uplift women of all ages, sexual orientation, and ethnicities within our community, support the National Cancer Society, and advocate HIV/AIDS awareness. We support our community by feeding the homeless and participating in Clothing Drives for different Churches, shelters and charities. We advocate against the pain and maltreat of all women in the form of rape, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse. Our contribution to the community involves uplifting the minds and hearts of those that have endured mental and physical trauma by showing love through Live Music, Entertainment & Fashion.

Mr. Elijah Harmon, CEO of THE WOEM & Harlemvetz Entertainment & Management LLC, represented and managed Soul4Real platinum Group until 2011. Mr. Harmon was penned the name “The Book of Elii” by Soul4Real and has been using his well-deserved nickname in the music & fashion industry for many years. Mr. Harmon is Alumni from Monroe College in Bronx, New York. Majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communications, Mr. Harmon utilizes his educational background with the combination of his love and drive for the business to give the very best service to his clients. Elijah being business minded and great Family man, he treats members of his business like family. 

Elijah Harmon’s Motivational Quotes:

Mind over matter; if it matters to you then mind it, if it does not matter to you then do not mind it because time is of the essence.

Love yourself before you can love others and others will learn how to love you.

WOEM & Harlemvetz Entertainment & Management LLC, purpose is to provide Entertainment & Fashion with a positive message towards our inner city communities. We will provide a platform for upcoming designers; Models and Music Artists to show case their talent in front of an arena of individuals that would appreciate their skills/talent.

Introduction Page

Elijah Harmon created the WOEM in dedication to his mother. On his birthday, which is May 11th, Elijah decided to give his mother a gift in honor of her giving birth to him and making it possible for him to be here on this very day. He felt it necessary to give a gift every year for the sacrifices that his mother and other women had to make while laying down on a hospital bed to give birth. The strength of a woman and the sacrifice of becoming a mother is something no child can ever repay. Elijah has always acknowledged women to be one of the most important creations on earth as well as one of the most valuable assets to this world that we live in today. Without a mother, wife, sister, aunt or grandmother, the world would be lost! We need to grow and educate our women by embracing and showing our support much as possible.

The Venue

The National Black Theater: Capacity: 250- 500 individuals. National Black Theatre’s physical space located at 2031-33 National Black Theatre Way (Fifth Avenue) and consists of a 64,000 square feet complex located on Harlem’s main commercial corridor at 125th Street and Fifth Avenue. Dr. Barbara Ann Teer commissioned GEPPAUL and its Haitian American founder and chief architect Gerard Paul to execute the building’s design. The interior and exterior relief art was commissioned and created on the premises by seven traditional New Sacred Nigerian Artists from Oshogbo, Nigeria. The older North Tower portion of the building faces Fifth Avenue and 126th Street and the newer South Tower faces Fifth Avenue and

125th Street. The building contains 59,200 feet of commercially viable space and comprises the entire 125th 126th street block front of east Fifth Avenue. The building’s three floors are accessible by elevator. NBT’s third floor is handicapped accessible as well as the bathrooms. Transportation by bus, subway, rail and car is easily accessible, making it an ideal location.


No refund will be given unless there is a medical emergency and a doctor’s note must be provided, then a refund will be considered minus a $25 processing fee.

Company management Info:  

Map of Event Location
February 14th, 2015  7:00 pmFebruary 15th, 2015  12:00 am